GLOPACK - innovative products, eco-friendly outcomes

We support companies in implementing eco-friendly solutions in the packaging sector. We have the knowledge, experience, and scientific proof that our products are effective and optimize costs. We take care of the development of the companies as well as our planet. We have been operating on the Polish market since 2008 and we are constantly developing, taking into account ecological aspects and the newest knowledge. 

We cooperate with research centers in Poland by consulting, testing and creating our offer based on the highest quality standards. We optimize our products while at the same time optimizing our customers’ expenses. We are members of “the Polish Plastics Pact”, which is a part of Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s global Plastics Pact network. Together with the supporting organizations, we are working towards a transition to a closed-loop economy for plastic packaging by the year 2025. We work based on our values – with concern for health, with passion and open-mindedness, aiming at maximum effectiveness of actions/projects undertaken. We change the world for the better – innovatively and pro -ecologically.

Our company is the winner of the Business Gazelle award. It has also been awarded the title of a Reliable Company.

Company values


We encourage ecological solutions in business, which result in a well-kept environment and, consequently, health and life well-being.


We believe in the rightness of our actions – it helps us to be 100% committed to the projects, as well as to be creative and enthusiastic about our clients.


We conduct our projects focusing on achieving the maximum results, for both the clients and the environment.

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Our pro-ecological activities

Glopack puts a great emphasis on pro-ecological activities.

By reducing the weight of the film by 66% - compared to the currently used technology - within 10 years our factory will reduce the amount of film waste by 145 thousand tons as well as reduce container transport by 12 thousand truckloads.

We produce the film using "green energy". - our hall is equipped with photovoltaic installation.

The company has developed a technology to use 40% of the recycled film in the end product without worsening the quality parameters.

In the production process there is no post-production waste – the entire raw material is used. This is particularly important in the case of a perforated film (with ventilation). In the old technology there were scraps left after the holes were cut.