Accessibility declaration


Glopack sp.z o.o. (LLC) undertakes to ensure the availability of its website  in accordance with the Act of April 4, 2019 on digital accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public entities.

The accessibility statement applies to the website

Website publication date: 20.01.2020 r.

Last major update date: 20.01.2020 r.

This website is compliant with the Public Entity Websites and Mobile Apps Accessibility Act 

The statement was made on 20.01.2020 r.

The declaration was made on the basis of a self-assessment carried out by Glopack Sp. z o.o. (LLC)

We want every Internet user to have full access to the posted materials and functionalities, and that the website complies with the international guidelines for the availability of web content 2.0 (WCAG 2.0).

Site availability. 

Moving around without using the mouse

The website can also be operated using the keyboard. The portal pages are based on the header structure, which allows you to quickly navigate through the page. Filters, calendars, forms and other functionalities are built in accordance with the standards and are accessible using the keyboard only. People who do not use the mouse can freely move around the portal. At the beginning of each home page there are links – shortcuts leading to:

    • content,

    • contact,

    • declaration of availability.

Each page of the website can be significantly enlarged with the available browser tools.


There are no downloads on the Glopack website

Alternative descriptions of graphics and photos

On the pages of our website, alternative descriptions are added to the graphics and photos.

Also, buttons and form fields are described properly.

Zoom in on the page

Web browsers can use keyboard shortcuts or appropriate settings to enlarge the website. This is especially helpful for people with visual impairments.

If you want to learn how to easily enlarge or reduce the content displayed on the screen, go to the page: Zooming in and out of pages in Windows.


The color contrast of communicating elements has a light-to-background ratio of at least 4.5 to 1. 


No videos

Comprehensibility and readability of the content

The content posted on our website is presented in a manner that is understandable to their recipients. The way they are presented improves the readability of materials and helps in the perception of information. Long texts are divided into paragraphs, highlighting is applied. 

Any important information is specially emphasized.

Ensuring website availability is a process

The editors of the website try to ensure full availability of the website for recipients, if any errors are noticed, please contact us at the following e-mail address: , in order to improve accessibility.

Feedback and contact details

In the event of problems with the accessibility of the website, please contact us at the following e-mail address:

You can submit requests for unavailable information in the same way, and submit complaints about non-availability. 


Everyone has the right to request the digital availability of a website. 

You can also request information to be made available in alternative forms, for example reading a digitally unavailable document, describing the content of the film without audio description, etc. The request should contain the data of the person submitting the request, an indication of which website is meant and the method of contact. If the requesting person reports the need to receive information in an alternative form, he should also specify the form of this information.

The public entity should execute the request immediately, not later than within 7 days. If it is not possible to meet this deadline, the public entity shall immediately inform about when it will be possible to fulfill the request, and the deadline may not be longer than 2 months. If accessibility cannot be ensured, the public entity may propose an alternative way of accessing the information.

In the event that the entity refuses to comply with the request to ensure the availability or alternative access to information, a complaint may be made against such action.

After exhausting all possibilities, the complaint may also be sent to the Ombudsman.

Architectural availability

The registered office of Glopack sp. z o.o. (LLC) is located in Lublin, at 7 Chemiczna Street, on the 3rd floor, in a building without an elevator. The building is not adapted for use by people with disabilities.

The company’s warehouse is located in Chełm, at 41 Okszowska Street, a one-storey building with a ramp and no handrails.

Accessibility for the deaf or hard of hearing

  • write a letter / submit an application to the following address: : Glopack Sp. z o.o.,(LLC) ul. Chemiczna 7, 20-329 Lublin
  • send an e-mail to the following e-mail address:
  • contact by phone with the help of a third person on the phone numer: 81 748-57-07