Glopack company won the main prize in the competition “Innovative Product for Logistics, Transport and Production 2020”!

On June 16th, 2021, out of 23 applications received, the prestigious jury awarded us the main prize in the competition “Innovative Product for Logistics, Transport and Production 2020” for the stretch film, that is one of our flagship products.

The jury appreciated our patented technology which makes it possible to produce a stretch film three times thinner than the films currently used on the market but at the same time has the strength of the strongest film available on the market. This is especially important today – the reduction of film packaging emissions by as much as two-thirds of the current volume is a major, innovative step towards sustainability.

” Since the company’s establishment, we have been motivated by innovation and the courage to pursue groundbreaking ideas. We are constantly testing technological developments and looking for new and fresh solutions to better fulfill our mission. We operate with the aim of the best possible efficiency and savings that will satisfy our customers needs, but also with concern for the environment. We want to develop products that will create a better future for the future generations.” – this is how Tomasz Szałas, CEO of the company, sums up the functioning of Glopack.

The stretch film for which we have been awarded, saves at least 30% of costs and reduces the amount of plastic by up to 60%. We were able to achieve this effect as a result of many tests, experiments and cooperation with scientists from the Lublin University of Technology. Looking for the best possibilities, we set standards for the whole industry, and our achievements are beneficial for various segments of the economy.

Innovative Product for Logistics, Transport and Production 2020″ competition is a prestigious event organized by Eurologistics Publishing House. It has been held since 2005 and its main goal is to select the best, outstanding products and services that support the work of logistics departments (equipment, devices, technology, IT, means of transport, services for the TSL sector).

This year’s winners were selected by a jury composed of: Dr. Miroslaw Antonowicz, Kozminski University in Warsaw; Lukasz Chmaj, auditor, consultant and coach; Peter Duwel, owner of XTL Consulting; Dr. hab. Aleksandra Laskowska-Rutkowska, Professor at Lazarski University, Director of the Logistics and Innovation Center at Lazarski University; Dr. hab. Jana Pieriegud, Professor of the Warsaw School of Economics; Prof. Maciej Szymczak, Vice-Rector for Development and External Relations at the Poznań University of Economics and Kinga Wiśniewska, Editor-in-Chief of Eurologistics.

It is a great honor for us and motivation to work even better on solutions that support ecology and sustainable development.