Stretch film dispenser – advantages of the device

Stretch film is useful at home, in an office or a manufacturing site as a practical packaging material. It is worth choosing a high-quality product tailored tot he individual needs in order to reduce time and costs related to securing goods for shipping or storage. Apart from the stretch film itself, you can also use the practical accessories, such as a dispenser for a stretch film.

In this text, you will find out, when a stretch film dispenser can be useful. What types of rolls are used in such a device and why it is very useful not only in the workplaces?


Stretch film dispenser – how does it work?

Stretch film dispensers are simple accessories facilitating packing of various goods, large and small, in a stretch film. They may take a variety of forms. The basic dispensers and feeders for stretch film are used. These have a form of a handle, which makes it easier to hold the roll during the whole process. On the market there are also more sophisticated models, thanks to which it is possible not only to pack in a more comfortable way, but also to cut the film in the right moment, so that every parcel is always optimally secured and looks aesthetic.

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How to use a stretch film dispenser – types of rolls

Stretch film dispensers usually use smaller rolls, which can be less bulky in the process of packaging, especially small items. A great example of such a solution is a mini-stretch film (mini-rap), available in our Glopack store. Installing such a roll in the dispenser shortens the whole process of packaging and significantly facilitates the ongoing work.
Dispensers can also be very useful, if you use pre-stretch film without a sleeve. Such products have even three times more meters on a roll than a classic roll. Convenient, reusable dispenser facilitates its use while packaging various goods at the workplace or at home.


Why choose a stretch film dispenser?

Stretch film dispensers come in handy wherever a larger number of different items are being packed on a regular basis. E-commerce, warehouses and other entities owners, who regularly send or store parcels, which need to be wrapped in a stretch film, should decide on them.
Dispenser reduces to the minimum the amount of time and energy required to pack each package – of any size and shape. The device facilitates the even application of the film, which results in greater packaging efficiency, and allows to reduce film consumption by up to tens of percents. And that generates solid savings for your business.

dyspenser do folii stretch

We have been operating on the Polish market since 2008 and we are constantly developing, taking into account ecological aspects and the newest knowledge.  We have the knowledge, experience, and scientific proof that our products are effective and optimize costs. We take care of the development of the companies as well as our planet.

Dyspenser do folii stretch – wygodne pakowanie i oszczędność czasu

Glopack od lat produkuje folię stretch najwyższej jakości – do pakowania ręcznego i maszynowego. Dbamy również o komfort klientów, dlatego w naszej ofercie znajdują się także praktyczne akcesoria, jak właśnie dyspenser do folii stretch. Dzięki niemu zapakujesz każdą paczkę bez wysiłku, szybko, sprawnie i naprawdę ekonomicznie.

Jeśli szukasz skutecznych rozwiązań dla swojej firmy, sprawdź nasze produkty już dziś, a już niebawem zobaczysz na własne oczy, o ile prostsze stanie się perfekcyjne pakowanie paczek.


40% of the recycled film in the end product without affecting quality parameters.

Efficiency confirmed by the scientific research

Close cooperation with scientific centers – Lublin University of Technology

Company cost optimization.

No post-production waste, all of the raw material is utilized.


expressing concern for the good of the future generations (we are a member of the Polish Plastics Pact)

In 2021, we were awarded the main prize in the “2020 Innovative Product for Logistics, Transport and Production” competition for a stretch film, which is one of our leading products.

The jury appreciated our patented technology, which makes it possible to produce a film three times thinner and at the same time having the durability of the strongest film available on the market. This is particularly important today – reducing film packaging emissions by as much as two-thirds of the current volume is a major, innovative step towards sustainability.